Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love you Jenn,Jenn!

Posted on Jenns blog this past Mothers Day! Thanks, Jenn

For My Mama
If there's anything I've learned in my life so far, its that I have one of the most amazing mothers anyone could ever ask for. She is selfless, loyal, kind, dependable, forthright, smart, strong...and insanely fun!

She is the kind of mom who will stay up til 2am making her famous ginger bread houses from scratch for all your friends. She is the kind of mom who is always up for roller coasters and makes sure dessert is part of every meal. She is the kind of mom that "what's mine is yours" literally applies to everything she owns. She is the kind of mom who will listen to you complain, let you cry, and always assures you it will be ok. She is the kind of mom who will haul 5 kids around the world by herself while living oversees with no complaints. She is the kind of mom who sincerely wants you to have every opportunity she did not. She is the kind of mom that no matter how hard things may get her faith never weakens. She is the kind of mom who knows her divine nature and the woman she wants to be.

In short, she's the kind of mom I want to be.

Happy Mother's Day to the incredible woman I get to call my mother. I love you, Mama!

Dancin' on the Counter

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Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

I am sensing some sort of 'theme' with this blogspot....told you I love food. Anyway, this is my very last box of Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts. (Notice I capitalize each word that I savor!) Each time I visit 'home' aka Hawaii, I bring back anywhere from 2-3 CASES of these things. I eat a box of these like most of you would eat a funsize snickers bar. Considering I generally have anywhere from 10-20 pounds of chocolate hidden in my closet at any one time (and that does not even include the 60 pounds of chocolate chips now in my freezer), I am having a VERY hard time with the fact that this is my LAST box. I have kept this box as a reward for myself to binge on 'when I lose 20 pounds'. Since this has been in my closet since October 2007...and the likelihood (is there an 'e' in that word?) of me losing 20 pounds is clearly very remote, I am trying to decide whether or not to bust this baby open and down it in the usual 7 minutes...or save it for some unknown reason......I suspect most everyone who knows me knows about my ridiculous LOVE for chocolate...I know if I was ever told that I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, without hesitation, I would choose chocolate...gladly I would eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner...but wait...I already DO!
So, if you are reading this blog and you really do love me...send me chocolate.....thank you

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Andi Git Yer Gun

Whoever put guns in the hands of these desperados should be shot!!!
Thanks, Wilsteads for an action packed time!

Hip Hop Abs

I'm not doing a commercial or anything, but those of you who know me, know that exercise and I have never been very good friends. If the exercise doesn't involve some sort of eating utensil or chocolate, I am just not interested. HOWEVER...I have come across a little gem...thanks to a very convicing infomercial...HIP HOP ABS! Girls, it is ahhmmaaazzzinnggg...Sean T is awesome, but it is actually fun! So if you want a great 24 minutes of jumping around, check it out!!

Potato Chips

Reed loves JAG--he dreams of being Harmon--or who ever that main character is. He is thrilled we have DVR--every morning at 6am and 7am he records JAG. It ticks me off a little because I have to do my 'HipHop Abs' upstairs and cannot even exercise in the privacy of my own bedroom! Anyway, Reed works so late and comes home ready to totally unwind and forget about his crazy day--by watching JAG most nights. For his birthday last year we got him these great headphones to wear while he watches JAG at unearthly hours so the tv won't wake me up. Last week at 12:30am I am awoken from a deep sleep by the loudest sound-CRUNCHING!!! It is the bag of chips I hid in the lowest cabinet--where I hide food from Reed, because he won't bend over to look for it--anyway, he acutally BENT OVER to find these and plowed into the bag at this hour. He had his headphones on and couldn't hear the noise he was making with his crunching, and he erroneously assumed I would also be unable to hear the racket...he was so wrong!!! It took me an hour to get back to sleep. I didn't say anything to him about it.....until....it happened again the very next night...now I have to find another hiding place for the chips...any suggestions?!