Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love you Jenn,Jenn!

Posted on Jenns blog this past Mothers Day! Thanks, Jenn

For My Mama
If there's anything I've learned in my life so far, its that I have one of the most amazing mothers anyone could ever ask for. She is selfless, loyal, kind, dependable, forthright, smart, strong...and insanely fun!

She is the kind of mom who will stay up til 2am making her famous ginger bread houses from scratch for all your friends. She is the kind of mom who is always up for roller coasters and makes sure dessert is part of every meal. She is the kind of mom that "what's mine is yours" literally applies to everything she owns. She is the kind of mom who will listen to you complain, let you cry, and always assures you it will be ok. She is the kind of mom who will haul 5 kids around the world by herself while living oversees with no complaints. She is the kind of mom who sincerely wants you to have every opportunity she did not. She is the kind of mom that no matter how hard things may get her faith never weakens. She is the kind of mom who knows her divine nature and the woman she wants to be.

In short, she's the kind of mom I want to be.

Happy Mother's Day to the incredible woman I get to call my mother. I love you, Mama!


jessiboos said...

i love u too, mama!!!!

Cori said...

WOW! You ARE amazing! Always were! And what a beautiful and tender tribute from Jenn.
Hey, those hips still move like liquid (never could keep up with your hula hips!) And could any human being be more fabulous on the inside AND the outside!?!?!?!
So YES, Kate has moved to Houston, to teach as part of an organization called Teach for America.It's supposed to be a 2 year stint. This summer she is teaching 7th grade English. She's not sure when or what or whom she will be teaching this fall, but it's supposed to be around Houston. She's at the U of Houston for the summer, staying in the dorms and getting trained and certified. I think she has gone to the Braes Bayou (sp) ward the last two weeks. Her cell # is 801-541-6511.
So Dave and I are coming down there in August to bring a van full of her goods. Can we get together? Oh I hope, I hope, I hope you and your clan...including Gordon and Gerri...are in town. Somewhere between Aug 10 and 17th.
Here's our contact info:
Dave and Cori
(ok, so if anyone else is reading Andi's comments only call if you are announcing we have won a big prize!)
801-201-2001 Cori cell
801-201-6226 Dave cell
www.coriconnors.com (my website) Email to cori@coriconnors.com
Many squishy hugs!

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

OH. MY. GOSH.!!!!!!!!!! I haven't checked this blog cause I just knew you weren't posting yet!! BUT LOOK YOU ARE SO YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! So check my blog out cause I just wrote about you in my happy birthday to MY Andi blog!! lkove you!

The Kikuchi's said...

Okay I haven't checked your blog in a little while and then did today and there were posts!!!!! YOU MADE MY DAY!!!

Especially with the video! I made a serious mental note that when my twin girls are old enough (i'm thinking age 4) we will definitely have to dance on the counter together!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful family you have! I am so happy to see your blog and read all about what you have been up to. We must plan another trip to Spring so we can have some fun. I miss you!